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MUST SEE - Attractions marked with

Kilimanjaro Safaris - Slow ride through an African veldt.
It's Tough To Be A Bug - A
3D experience you will never forget.
Festival of the Lion King - High energy, broadway quality type show.
Kali River Rapids - Thrill ride down the Kali River in India.
Dinosaur - Ride simulator ride to prehistoric times.
ð ð ð Expedition Everest - Exciting rollercoaster with a wonderful twist.

If you find that you have seen all of the major attractions and would like to stay in the Park,
wander and see what else strikes your interest. As with any Disney Park,
there are lots of shopping places and eating places.



THE YAK AND YETI in Asia should not be missed.

Beyond that, there is nothing worth recommending
so just hoof it or wait until you get to some other location.

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