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The First Hidden Mickeys

No one knows for sure who was responsible for the first "hidden Mickey" but what we do know that the first Hidden Mickeys began as an inside joke of the Walt Disney World Imagineers (attraction designers). Once the first Hidden Mickey was created, the floodgates were opened and they began appearing all over The Magic Kingdom. With each new project. whether a new Park, a New Hotel, a Water Park, a new merchandise shop, or other entertainment areas, there were Hidden Mickeys that were incorporated into the design.

Hidden Mickeys are subtly hidden MICKEY MOUSE silhouettes that are concealed in "plain sight". Over the years, numerous hidden Mickeys have appeared all over Walt Disney World and other Disney Parks around the world. We will tell you about some of them so that you can look for them as you go through the Parks. Others, you will have to find for yourself the next time that you visit a Disney Park.


ADVENTURELAND - Jungle Cruise.

In the Temple that the boat passes through,
there are three plates arranged to form Mickey head silhouette.

FANTASYLAND - Its a Small World.

In the African scene look for the string of "purple flowers
on a vine" along the elephant's left ear.

FANTASYLAND - Snow White's Adventure.

Check out the three stones on the chimney of the Dwarf's cottage.

FRONTIERLAND - Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.

Three rusty gears laying on the grass
just before you re-enter the loading and unloading area.

FRONTIERLAND - The Haunted Mansion.

The Ballroom scene - arrangement of three plates
in the lower left-hand corner of the table.

FRONTIERLAND - Splash Mountain.

The "Zip-A-Dee-Doo-Dah" scene (first scene after the "big drop")
on the right side wall - image of Mickey lying on his back in the pink clouds.

TOMORROWLAND - The Timekeeper.

On the outside wall of the attraction you will find a poster
for the "Space Collectable's Convention" in which Mickey is hiding.

Keep your eyes open and see how many more
you can find as you trek around The Magic Kingdom.



The silhouette of Mickey appears on the golf ball as it comes toward you. There is
another hidden Mickey formed in the thrid set of fireworks at the end of the ride.

FUTUREWORLD - Living With the Land.

Three circles on the wall across from the loading area form the silhouette of Mickey

FUTUREWORLD - Living With the Land.

Three circles on the wall across from the loading area form the silhouette of Mickey.

WORLD SHOWCASE - Norway - The Maelstrom ride.

Check out one of the "Vikings" on the left side of the mural across from the loading area.

WORLD SHOWCASE - Mexico - El Rio del Tiempo ride.

Look for the clay pot arrangement in the marketplace scene.

Keep your eyes open and see how many more you can find as you stroll around EPCOT.



When you enter the "Gangster" scene, look at the lower left-hand corner of the big billboard on the left.
Yep, those are Mickey's shoes and a bit of his tail.


In the "Well of Souls" scene, with Indiana Jones and his friend lifting the Arc from its resting place,
look at the left wall. Behind the large black statue - third panel up - you will see Mickey and Donald
dressed as Egyptians.


As you watch the TV set in the pre-show, check out the doll that the little girl is carrying into the elevator.


The first "worker robot called G2 is wearing a Mickey watch.

Keep your eyes open and see how many more you can find as you toddle around the Studios.


We know where they are but we aren't going to tell you.
Your job is to keep your eyes open and see how many
you can find on your own as you trek around Animal Kingdom.

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