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In the 1940s and 1950s, the radio show ESCAPE would open
with a deep voice saying -

"Tired of the every day routine?
Ever dream of a life of romantic adventure?
Want to get away from it all?
We offer you - Escape"

We offer you our remarkable experiences of romantic adventure at
The Jenolan Caves outside of Sydney, Australia.
Come join in this photo tour

We have found the Jenolan Caves to be the most spectacular limestone caves
we have ever seen. We never tire of seeing them again and again.

The Jenolan Caves were discovered in 1838 by a convict bush ranger who
chose the region to hide in so as to avoid the long arm of the law. Today,
you can enjoy the adventure of exploring nine show caves open to the public.
Spectacular lighting, underground rivers and cave formations will amaze
you as your guide moves you through. Some caves are easy to negotiate
while others present a little more of a challenge. The Jenolan Caves
area also offer adventure tours, picnic facilities and bush walking tracks.

The Jenolan Caves are located
on the western edge of
the Blue Mountains,
some 170 kilometers from Sydney.

There are several places to stay but none as stately and beautiful as the Jenolan Caves House.
It would be easy to spend a few days or even a week at the Caves House
which has a delightful old world charm.

The Jenolan Caves House, built in 1898 by the State Government, was altered in 1909, 1914, and then again in 1923. The present structure has an old world look and charm that must be experienced to be appreciated

From the time that you enter the Jenolan Valley,
there is a feeling of going back in time.
A winding narrow road down the mountains
leads to the spectacular entryway to
the Jenolan Caves and the Jenolan Caves House.

A striking view of the Grand Arch
can be seen with the sparkling
Blue River running beside the road leading to
the Grand Arch
and Jenolan Caves House beyond.

There are 22 major caves in the Jenolan system, nine of which are open to the public - the Chifley Cave, Imperial Cave, Jubilee Cave, Lucas Cave, River Cave, Pool of Cerberus Cave, Temple of Baal Cave, Orient Cave, and Ribbon Cave. With the exception of two or three that are only open several times a month, the others are open every day.

Each cave offers a different array of unique formations and chambers making it a must to visit as many caves as you can. This is why we recommend a stay of 3-7 days to take advantage of the wonders of the Jenolan Caves and other wonderful attractions in the area.

While you are here, why not come with us now on an excursion into the wonders of each of the nine commercially visited caves as well a peek at the "adventure cave" known as the Elder Cave.

Now just follow us as we go back in time,
way, way back. No crowding please,
there is plenty of room for every one.
All you have to do is click on any of
the links below and we will be on our way.

Chifley Cave

Imperial Cave

Jubilee Cave

Lucas Cave

River Cave

Pool of Cerberus

Temple of Baal

Orient Cave

Ribbon Cave

Elder Cave

Other attractions

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