Marcus Lafayette Martin

Marcus Lafayette Martin
Photo Kerry Blech

Rachael and Richard
offer this loving tribute to a unique family,
Marcus and Callie Martin
and their children Fred, Wayne, Zenobia,
Wade, Quentin, and Edsel.

Their musical talents, humor, and
craftsmanship shall sorely be missed.

Come with us to meet and learn about

Callie Holloway Martin

Marcus Lafayette Martin
Photo Kerry Blech

Marcus Lafayette Martin

Photo Kerry Blech

Marcus Martin, Bascom Lamar Lundsford,
Samantha Baungarner and Bill McElreath


Marcus was an accomplished fiddle player and Callie was a skilled 5-string banjo player.
Out of their union came five sons and one daughter.

Fred Martin

Quentin Martin
& Ginger Martin

Wade Martin

Wayne Martin

Zenobia Martin

Edsel Martin

With the exception of Quentin, the brothers became skilled "whittlers"
of animal and human figures and also builders and players of dulcimers
and other instruments.
The boys were also quite athletic. Quentin actually played professional baseball
and Wade played on several All-Star basketball teams.

This set of photos of
two of Fred Martin's

dulcimers were
contributed by
Mr. Frank Abrams

Mr. Abrams builds
something he calls
the Banjo-Tam.
Take a peek at his
webpage by clicking
on the photo
to the right

Below are a few pictures of children and grandchildren
of some of the Martin brothers and their wives.

Bruce Van Martin
(Wade & Frances' son)
and his wife Cynthia

Tiffany Vanessa
(Bruce & Frances'

Jonathan Marcus
(Bruce & Frances'

Nancy Jo
(Wade and Frances'

Wade and daughter
Nancy Jo

Quentin and
daughter Ginger

It is our hope to have more pictures soon.

The Martins have their own Hymn called the Battle Hymn of the Martins,
which is sung to the tune of the "Battle Hymn of the Republic."
A portion of the Hymn appears below.

Verse 1:
The Martin clan is mighty -over half a million strong;
In Seventy-Six two thousand kinsmen fought to right a wrong.
Forty towns bear Martin names. Sure, let us sing that song --
The clan goes marching on!

Glory to the name of Martin!
Glory to the name of Martin,
Glory, "Sic situ ad astra!"
The clan goes marching on!

Verse 2:
The House of Martin cherishes traditions of the past,
With the world's great movements they have all their fortunes cast;
And when they pledge their honor they are loyal to the last.
The clan goes marching on!


The Marcus Martin Family was a proud, fiercely independent group that watched
as the world changed around them. Wade Martin best expressed the family's feelings
in his ODE TO THE BLUE RIDGE MOUNTAINEER, taken from Wade Martin's 1986 self-published book.


Oh Mountaineer, you prideful fiercely independent son!
Where are you now, in progress's way?
Where is your hand hewed cabin, hung of the mountain side?
Where are your hound dawg, corn cob pipe and guns?
Where is your backbone and pride?
Are they all gone'd and died?
Are you wiped away by them bulldozer plows?
You know you were in the way of them Federal road building sons!
Where is your fiddle and bow, your dulcimer and old banjo?
Where are these things you made with your own bare hands?
Why ain't you singing them old ballads no more?
Are you gone, same as the indians went?
Where is your backbone and pride?
Are they al gone'd and died?

Wade had one thousand copies of his printed. We were most fortunate to find an autographed copy
on Amazon in the United Kingdom. It cost us $64 but it was worth its weight in gold.

The pictures below, of the Martin Clan, were graciously contributed
by Zenobia's son, Jerry Johnson and his wife Joan Johnson.

Marcus Martin and his fiddle.

Wayne Martin

Wade Martin and his dad Marcus Martin

Edsel Martin

Wade Martin

Wade Martin and his carvings

Marcus Martin

We thank Nancy Jo for sharing the two pictures below, one of her dad and one of his carvings .
Wade carved and sold these musicians years ago. They resided in other homes.
Nancy Jo was recently found them at an auction and was able to buy them back.
They now reside in Nancy Jo's home. Way to go Nancy Jo.

Edsel Martin at his favorite pastime,
loafing in the woods
Edsel Martin presenting his dulcimer to
Lady Bird Johnson, wife of President Johnson

Marcus Martin, Bascom Lamar Lundsford
Samantha Baumgarner, and Bill McElreath

Edsel Martin playing
an ol' fretless banjo

Wade Martin showing some
of his people carvings

Left to right are Fred, Wade and
Edsel Martin

Wade Martin with one
of his dulcimers

Edsel Martin with his ol' hound dawg

Wade and Frances Martin with some of Wade's carvings

We hope that you have enjoyed this photo reminiscence of the remarkable Marcus and Callie Martin family

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