One of our many trips to the Cayman Islands for the pleasures of scuba diving.
On this trip we were living on board the MV Nekton Rorqual for seven days,
traveling to many beautiful dive sites around the Caymans.
Both in the water and out of the water, the Rorqual is an odd looking ship.

Have you ever kissed a Stingray or had a conversation with a Patato Cod?

Now on to pictures of the MV Nekton Rorqual
and the wonders of the deep around the Cayman Islands!

The Nekton MV Rorqual is
a strange-looking boat.

There are often visitors to the
dive sites we visit .

The dive platform at the back
is for an easy entry into the water.

The Rorqual is 80 feet long
and 40 feet wide.

Out of the water, the Rorqual
looks even stranger.

The upper deck is reserved for
"vegging" after a day of diving

Our home for seven nights
aboard the Rorqual.

The Rorqual has 15 rooms that
can accommodate 30 divers.

The dining room will accommodate
the thirty passengers.

Kiss a stingray at Stingray City
in the Cayman Islands

Once you are below the surface,
there are many wonders to see.

This guy was more curious about
us than we were about him

This hydroid colony was a
spectacular find at 50 feet.

We had a great encounter with
a very curious and friendly dolphin.
The colors and shapes of the
fishes never cease to amaze us.

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