to some of our
New Zealand experiences.

The background picture is of the
decorations in a Maori village
on the North Island of
New Zealand

These are just a few places of beauty and interest we have visited in New Zealand.

Take about 12 people and
two guides. dress them in
wet suits, give them each
an inflated tire tube, lead
them down into an
underground river where
they will not see the light
of day for more than two
hours and you have

in Waitomo on the
North Island of
New Zealand

To the left are some
beautiful cave formations
seen on the Blackwater
rafting trip.

On another kind of a rafting
trip seen on the right,
we encounter the mighty
Kaituna River with its
twenty-one foot high waterfall.
This one is recognized
as the world's highest
commercially raftable

On the right and left
are Maori worriers
and dancers
demonstrating a piece
of their culture in
Rotorua on the
North Island of
New Zealand

In Te Anau on the
South Island you can
visit the Glow Worm Caves.

These remarkable
creatures are the larval
forms of adult flies that
only live 24 hours
after maturing .

As these next photos
show, the central part of
the North Island of
New Zealand is quite
geologically active with
geysers and volcanos.

Steam vents can be seen
all around the area of
Rotorua on the
North Island. The smell
of sulfur fills the air.

To the left is the cauldera
of an extinct volcano.

To the right is a house
in the famed Buried Village.
In 1886 there was a volcanic
eruption that buried the
village and killed 156
of the inhabitants.

The north end of the
North Island of
New Zealand seems to be
geologically stable.
Witness the area known
as the Bay of Islands.
To the left are more
examples of the
geologic instability of
the North Island of
New Zealand.
The South Island of
New Zealand is another
story. The South Island
is very different from
east to west, from
north to south.

On the north west coast
of the South Island, you
will find mountains and

On the south west coast
of the South Island, in a
region known as Te Anau,
you will find fjords
and mountaineering,
as well as
glow-worm caves.
In the south western
corner of the South Island,
we discovered
Doubtful Sound and
Milford Sound remind
us of the Fiords in

Queenstown is on the
South Island and is one
of the most beautiful in
New Zealand.

One of the most exciting
things to do is to go
whitewater rafting.

At the south end of the
South Island, you
encounter a rocky
coastline in the area
called Invercargill,
as seen in the two
photos to the right.

In the south central part
of the South Island you
will find Queenstown.
It is a beautiful location
with many things to do
including whitewater
rafting over a twenty-one
foot waterfall.
Just look to the right.
Want some real fun?
Grab yourself a luge and
hop aboard a ski-type
lift to the top of the
mountain in
Now settle in and head
on down a two-mile run
down the side of the
You are in control of
the speed, so hang on
for a great ride.

From the rocky shores
of the southern shores
to the farmlands and plains
of the eastern shores
and the Mountains and
glaciers of the
western shores, the
South Island of
New Zealand if full of
wonderful surprises ,

This is only a very, very tiny sampling of the
"trips of a lifetime." We hope that you will really
make an effort to travel to
New Zealand one day.

There are so many things to see and the "Kiwis,"
as the New Zealand people call themselves,
are wonderful.

No other place on Earth
is like New Zealand

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