More than twenty years ago we met.
We were both poorer than church mice.
Things were so bad that we
were going to run away to Canada
to pump gas and wash dishes.
We like to describe our meeting as

Cinderella met Cinderfella

Since we met, we have had many incredible adventures.
Below is a sampling of our adventures.

We had the honor of being featured in


In fifteen years, we have had fifteen books published,
three of which have become New York Times Bestsellers.
Our books can be found around the world
in sixteen different languages.
Our newest book, seen to the left,
was published in August 2007.
For more information pertaining to
click on the book to the right.

Thanks for joining us and sharing
in our more than
twenty incredible years together.
Maybe one day our paths will cross
in one of the Disney Parks around the world.
Until then, we wish you
good health and much happiness.

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